New Parent’s Guide to Searching for and Selecting a Primary School in Nigeria

New Parent’s Guide to Searching for and Selecting a Primary School in Nigeria

How do you pick the best school for your child? There are several ways to do so. For what we know, careful planning during the search and selection process of a school for your child is a must. This blog will take you through how you can search for the best primary school in Nigeria for your child.

It is important to note that you are not just looking for a school, you are looking for a second home for your child that will give them the best education experience. With that in mind, what kind of school would you like your child to be at? Write down at least five things that are important to you; they will be central to your school search.

Step 1: Make Your Child the Center of the Search Process
Since this will be a second home for your child, make it about him/her. Begin your school search by thinking about what you want a school to do for your child. You know your child best. Do they have any special needs? Keep these in mind.

Here are a few questions to ask yourself while trying to keep your child at the center of the search process.

  • Does your child have any special learning needs that would need individual attention?
  • Does your child need an environment that encourages creativity?
  • Does your child need to be academically challenged?
  • Does your child enjoy group learning?
  • Does your child like engaging in specific activities such as music, swimming or taekwondo?
  • Does your child have any specific transportation needs?
  • Does your child have any friends that you would like him/her to join in a school?
  • How far do you want the school to be?
  • What school system would you like your child to attend?

All this to say that your child must be the center of the search process. Remember that it is about them and not anyone else.

Step 2: Research Schools that fit responses to the above questions.
One of the best ways to research schools is by asking friends and family. Some of them have their children attending some of the prospective schools on your list so they can share some valuable information about them. You may also have to make phone calls, collect brochures and google search schools. In this advanced world, the internet can actually be your only go to when searching for a school. Check out schools on social media or visit their websites. Do they provide answers to some of your questions?

This is the most important stage of your search process so you need to put in everything you have got. There are several aspects of a school that we recommend that you look out for.

Does the school you are looking at have a strong set of core academic subjects such as Mathematics, English, Science and Social Studies?
Does the school complement its core subjects with other courses? What do they offer?
Does the school have extracurricular activities that complement what is taught?
If your child has special learning needs, does the school have structures in place to support him/her?

The School’s Approach to Learning
Does the school have a particular approach to teaching and learning that may include; group learning and subject tests?
Does the school do everything it can to ensure that your child learns? What kind of support is given to students who are struggling in a class?
How large are the school’s classes?
How do students perform in internal and external exams? What is the school’s pass rate?

The school’s behaviour and safety policy.
What is the school’s discipline policy and how does it handle students who misbehave?
Does the school have a dress code or uniforms?
Is the school safe? What security measures does the school have in place?
How does the school communicate with parents about emergencies?

Special Offers and Facilities.
Does the school have supervised before and after-school services?
What kind of extracurricular activities are available to students?
Does the school have a well-stocked library in which students have access to various books?
Do students have access to computers and the internet?
Does the school have a nurse on duty daily?

Step 3: Visit the Schools that you are interested in.
The primary goal of visiting schools is to confirm what your research has shown. As you visit, we encourage you to observe the school culture, interact with the Principle and talk to teachers. Ask them all the questions you may have. This is your chance to actually get to know a school straight from the people who run it. Ask about the application procedure too.

Step 4: Apply to the school(s) you narrow down to.
After you have done all your research, choose the school that is best for your child but also not forgetting what is best for you.

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