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Beehive ‘One World Centre for Autism’

Linking those living with autism to the world


One World Center is a new extension of Beehive School that provides services for students living with developmental delays specifically Autism.


We understand the importance and advantages of early intervention. Recognizing that autism is a unique, challenging, and poorly understood social and neuro-biological disability, we envisioned a comprehensive center that would empower those affected by providing a compassionate environment where providers and parents would partner in care and advocacy.


This program offers individualized educational programs for students with a clinical diagnosis of autism or developmental delay.


Program students may receive:

  • One to One Support • Picture Communication Cards • Communication Core Boards
  • Social Skills Stories • Personalized Rewards System • Quarterly Progress Reports
  • Sensory Therapy


The service includes resources to enhance:

  • Social and communication skills
  • Educational success
  • Self-regulation and behavioral management skills

This is a highly personalized service and as such, each child will need to be assessed and a personal program outlined.