Three Convincing Reasons Beehive School is the Top Choice for your Child

Three Convincing Reasons Beehive School is the Top Choice for your Child

Our Vision is to provide a solid, balanced and sustainable education, capable of effectively equipping the pupils academically, morally and spiritually for a successful future.

Excellent Curriculum and History of Academic Excellence

At our Nursery School, we employ the British Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum to guide our learning and teaching processes, using a variety of play-based and structured activities. Our Primary School operates a broad and balanced unique curriculum which is a blend of the Nigerian and British Curriculum.

A Beehive school pupil is not only adequately prepared to pass common entrance examinations

into quality local and foreign secondary schools but also amply equipped with drive, a sense of

mission and other attributes necessary for self-actualization and fulfilment in the future. With over thirty-four years of operation, we have recorded an outstanding 99% exam success rate and over 3500 happy students.

At Beehive School, you and your child will be welcomed to a balanced and sustainable education that effectively equips them for a successful future.

A Strong  Philosophy and PTA

The strength of our school lies in our dedicated, highly qualified and trained core staff and a vibrant and effective partnership with parents and other stakeholders.

Beehive School is open to all children irrespective of race, nationality, tribe, religion or creed. Our mantra, “In pursuit of excellence,” defines how we operate as an institution. We ensure that all our pupils are taught well and achieve their best in all aspects of school life. Our PTA is supportive in implementing our philosophy through various mechanisms.

Purpose Built Non-Academic Programs

Our students enjoy a wide array of extra-curricular activities that complement our core subjects and these include; Music, Coding, Arts and Crafts, First Aid Club and so much more. With music, we have various musical equipment through which we ensure that learners explore various aspects of music which foster a positive attitude toward learning and curiosity.

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